The Nuremberg Trials

Полнометражный фильм, 1946 год

The Nuremberg Trials
(год выпуска – 1946)

Тип фильма:
Полнометражный фильм
(6 частей, хронометраж – 00:57:00)

"Public domain"

война, Вторая мировая война

О фильме

A film document of the trials of Nazi leaders. The first international war crimes tribunal in history.

The Nuremberg trials were held by the Allies (Soviet Union, Great Britain, United States and France) against representatives of the defeated Nazi Germany for plotting and carrying out invasions of other countries and atrocities against their citizens in World War II.

The London Agreement created the International Military Tribunal (IMT) on August 8, 1945, where each of the four Allied nations appointed a judge and a prosecution team. 

The indictment against 24 major war criminals and seven organizations was filed on October 18, 1945 by the four chief prosecutors of the International Military Tribunal. On November 20, the trial began with 21 defendants appearing before the court. The United States held 12 additional trials in Nuremberg after the initial International Military Tribunal. In all, 199 defendants were tried, 161 were convicted, and 37 were sentenced to death.

Produced by Roman Karmen

Directed by  Elizaveta Svilova

Edited by A. Vinogradova

Original Text by B. Gorbatov

Music arrangement by A. Grana

Photographed by Roman Karmen, B. Makaseyev, S. Semionov, V. Shtatland 

Produced by the Central Documentary Films Studios (CSDF), Moscow, U.S.S.R.

American Release by Artkino Pictures, Inc.

Release Date: 24 May 1947 (USA)

In 2016 the Vice News interviewed Benjamin Ferencz, a WWII US Army veteran and the last living prosecutor from the Nuremberg Trials. On April 7th 2023, Benjamin Ferencz died. He was 103 years old.